Augmented Analytics Simplified

A Machine Learning based Automated framework  designed to make a digital marketing team productive and pro-active.

Critical Man-Hours Saving

Create meaningful reports with a single click. Every organization has huge number of data metrics based on various criteria e.g. marketing channel, product type, demography, geography. With our solution, minimal time is needed to analyze & monitor multiple metrics

Proactive Troubleshooting

Act before it’s too late. Our solution gives Forward Insights for multiple metrics simultaneously. It helps to re-calibrate your Strategic & Tactical plans to avoid revenue loss/unexpected expenditure.

Credible Performance Review

Get results which are not biased and skewed. Within an ever-changing business environment, a dynamic baseline is vital for Performance Review. Our solution is self-evolving and adapts to deliver a consistently accurate baseline.

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Hours Saved / Week

Augmented Analytics Platform

If you are looking for unbiased, accurate, automated, cost-efficient, and time-saving analytics which can help you make sound business decisions ,then just give us a shout:

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Key takeaways:

  • Using advanced analytical framework – 50% boost in productivity
  • Automated Data Extraction & Report Generation- Save time by 40%
  • How to derive forward looking insights – become proactive marketer
  • Understand the use of AI/Ml techniques for Digital Marketing

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